Wymondley Wood

Wymondley Wood, Letchworth Garden CityCreated as an educational resource for managed groups, Wymondley Wood features a special nature conservation and field study area adjacent to existing and newly planted forest environments. These very mixed plantations, together with their grassy and flowery margins, provide food and cover for a wide variety of wildlife all year round - a marked contrast to the surrounding arable fields.

The woodland is primarily Oak and Hornbeam and was planted in two stages between 1997 and 2000. This involved the planting of over 5,000 locally grown trees and shrubs and the creation of the car park and footpaths within the site to provide access for all. Work has also been carried out within the surrounding mature woodlands to ensure their long-term survival.

Please ensure you follow The Country Code when visiting the Wood. You are welcome to walk and picnic within the site and to explore the pond and minibeast areas you will find along the way. We only ask that you respect the young planting and keep noise to a minimum to avoid undue disturbance to wildlife.

Further Information for Teachers and Managed Groups

Many Letchworth Garden City Schools have already visited Wymondley Wood, a totally free resource, so why not bring your school or managed group along to experience it too?

You can download free maps, trails and eductaional resources by clicking here.  

Booking Wymondley Wood

Before your visit please contact Alastair Stewart if you wish to book the facility for your school or group on 01462 476037 or alastair.stewart@letchworth.com 

It is recommended that you also book the North Hertfordshire Scout and Guide Centre. The Centre is situated within the perimeter of the wood, and it offers toilets, washing facilities, and a warm, dry teaching area. This can be booked by contacting Maureen Kell on 01462 684665 or wymondleywood@hotmail.com

Parking Restrictions
Please be aware the car park is only open from 8am to 9pm between 31 March & 31 October and 8am to 6pm between 1 November & 30 March. Outside of these times an automatic barrier is raised preventing entry to or exit from the car park.

Call us on: 01462 476007 | Email us at: response@letchworth.com