On Foot

Walking on the Greenway

It’s no wonder walking is the biggest recreational activity in the UK when you consider it's a low impact exercise that nearly everyone can do which can burn the same amount of calories as running!

Whether you are taking the dog for a quiet stroll or going for a brisk walk, there are plenty of routes around the Greenway and several links to Letchworth town centre and surrounding areas at your disposal. 

There are many reasons to get those running shoes out of the cupboard and on your feet. Weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, better moods and increased mental skills can all result from stretching those legs around the Greenway.

If you are a beginner or an experienced runner, the Greenway is the ideal place to start your new hobby or practice for that race or marathon!

Top tips for Runners

  • Warm up – stretching before exercise seriously reduces the risk of injury;
  • Exercise regularly – set yourself goals to keep up motivation;

  • Plan your route – download a Greenway map.

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