Norton Pond

Norton Pond, Letchworth Garden City

As a gateway to the Greenway, Norton Pond links walkers to the Grange and Standalone Farm as well as Arlesey and Hitchin.

Norton Pond derives its virtually unpolluted water via springs arising from a localised perched aquifer lying upon impermeable clay deposits - termed 'till' or boulder clay. These tills formed and were transported as moraine beneath massive glaciers and ice sheets as they moved across and eroded landscapes during very cold periods of the Ice Age around 400,000 years ago.

When climate warmed and ice melted, tills were spread widely across eastern England, frequently burying former landscapes to depths of 200 feet or more. Famous for its newts, Norton Pond has been rejuvenated and is now a popular watering hole for many different bird species.

With patience, a whole host of wildlife can be seen here including Dragonflies, Damselflies, Water Beetles, Three-Spined Sticklebacks, Common Frog, Common Toad, Water Boatman, Pond Snails, Pond Skaters and crustaceans. Norton Pond is situated next to the entrance to Croft Lane near Norton village.

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