Greenway Route Now Accessible To All

People using the Garden City Greenway

The full length of the Garden City Greenway can now be used by all Letchworth residents, including disabled users, following the surfacing of the last section of the route.

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and Hertfordshire County Council, who both own land the Greenway is on, have worked together to complete the last unsurfaced section, from Hitchin Road, next to Rosehill Hospital, down to Queenswood Drive.

Paul McKenna, Environment and Landscape Manager of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation said: “I’m delighted that by working together with the County Council’s Rights of Way Service this final section of the Greenway has been completed meaning this fantastic local amenity is now accessible to all Letchworth residents.”

The unfinished section of the path on land owned by the Heritage Foundation, was surfaced last year. The Heritage Foundation’s Environment and Landscape Officer, Elizabeth Towler, then contacted Hertfordshire County Council’s Rights of Way Service to explore completing the adjacent section on a Right of Way running on privately owned land.

The County Council’s Countryside Access Officer inspected the route and put the re-surfacing project forward for approval. The project was approved in September and the work was carried out in November.


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