Countryside Code

Wymondley Wood

General practice

  • Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and the lives of those who live and work within it;

  • Keep to defined paths and public areas. Never trample on crops;

  • Close all gates behind you to prevent escape of animals;

  • Escaped animals can damage crops and come into danger on roads;

  • Please do not climb over fences and walls. They are easy to damage and costly and time consuming to repair;

  • Keep your dog under control, especially near stock;

  • Beware of farm machinery. Never touch machinery, farm chemicals or animal foodstuffs;

  • Please take your litter home, it is dangerous to animals and unsightly to local residents and other users of the site;

  • Help to keep all water clean - do not empty any liquids into rivers, streams, ditches or water troughs;

  • Respect and protect local wildlife, plants and trees. Do not pick wild flowers;

  • Do not light fires and ensure that all matches and cigarettes are extinguished before dropping them.

Site Information

  • Picnicking is permitted within this site. Please take litter and foodstuffs home with you;

  • All stone footpaths are suitable for disabled use;

  • Please keep out of the recent tree planting areas and avoid damage to tree shelters which are required to prevent damage by rabbits;

  • Do not leave your car parked overnight - the Heritage Foundation accepts no liability for the loss or damage to private vehicles within the site;

  • Do not leave valuables within your car - the Heritage Foundation accepts no liability for the loss or damage to private property.

Please report any damage or problems occurring within this site by calling 01462 476007 or writing to:
Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation,

Foundation House
Icknield Way
Letchworth Garden City


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